The Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket - India

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Over 320 pages and 220 colour photographs 
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"My first visit to India was in 1986, was as a member of the touring Australian cricket team. I vividly recall being overwhelmed by the absolute and complete bombardment of my senses. Over many subsequent visits I have come to respect and appreciate India as a country, full of warm hospitable people who have a love for cricket that borders on an obsession and a religion that galvanises and binds the population like nothing else. Every time I witnessed kids playing cricket in India, I sensed the obsession for the game, and a pure, unfiltered genuine connection to the sport.

This is where the idea of "The Spirit of Cricket - India" came from, the long held and passionate desire get out amongst it, to capture this emotion and splendour through my eyes, and the lens of my camera so that I could showcase it and celebrate it with the world.

I hope I have done the people of India justice with the photographs I have taken during my quest to capture the very essence of the game and the passion of the people who love it."

Steve Waugh.
1st July, 2020